Do you need computer skills to be a successful with Online Marketing?

 Do you need computer skills to be a successful with Online Marketing?
Do you need computer skills to be a successful with Online Marketing?

When you’re in the online marketing industry, everyone assumes you need to be an expert in the Internet.

But that’s one of the biggest misconceptions in this entire industry.

At the end of the day, you are NOT in the Internet marketing business…

You are actually in the direct response marketing business.

Internet marketing is just one channel we could use to reach our audience.

To be successful, you don’t need to know how to build websites, how to set up email auto-responders, or how to create lead capture pages.

Affiliate marketing is ALL about getting sales.

And some of the very best affiliate marketers don’t even have a clue when it comes to the Internet.

My point is, you don’t need computer skills to do well in this business.

It’s all about getting the quantity and the quality of people in front of your offer.

Whether it’s newspaper ads, direct mail, or even calling prospects, all that matters is the channel you feel most comfortable with to follow up and make the sale.

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The Most Important Thing To Focus On As A New affiliate Marketer


If you’re a brand-new affiliate marketer, the most important thing you could do right now is take massive action.  Yes, it is super important to take action and get some cash coming in. 

So many people buy course after course, always consuming more training and content.  What you learn you have got to put to work.  Waiting until everything is perfect is too late.  Everything will never be perfect so why delay?

People in this situation want to get every single answer before they ever execute, but they’re afraid of making mistakes.

As a result, most new affiliates will waste six months just learning, learning, learning, but never actually doing the things that actually lead to the money. And with no income, they eventually quit the business all together.  Look, you have got to get your feet wet in the business.  There will never be a perfect time, so begin to implement what you have learned.


That’s why you should make it a rule that when you learn something new for one-hour, you will dedicate at least three hours to actually doing it. 

For example, let’s say you’re taking a course on Facebook. After you learn for an hour, you should go spend three hours actually placing ads on Facebook.

You absolutely must spend some money, make some mistakes, and fine-tune your ads so you can get that real world experience you need to succeed in this industry.

Taking massive amounts of action is the only way you’ll actually make money in with your online business.


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It’s the Internet’s ONLY automatic system that deposits $1,250, $3,300, $9,000, or even $18,000directly into your bank account.

The system was created by Matt LLoyd.  Founder and CEO of MOBE.

His mission is to share this breakthrough wealth creating system with anyone who wants to do the same thing.

With this unique strategy, you’ll get all the tools you need to make over six-figures a year with an online business.

There is never enough knowledge.  What knowledge we do have, we have to put to work.  Nothing pays out like MOBE.  Give yourself the opportunity to find out.  If this information interests you, then please go HERE. 

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This Is A Super Online Business That Will Continue To Grow Bringing More Money


Have you ever wondered how some people can create a scalable business and make millions, while other people work 12 hours a day and get no results?

Michael Gerber, the best-selling author of the E-Myth Revisited says, “The secret to scaling is to work ON your business, not IN your business.”


That’s a very important lesson for every new business owner, because the key-factor to scaling is learning how to overcome constraints.

For example, one of my best friends owns a landscaping business. He’s very skilled at it, but he has a tendency of doing ALL the work himself to save some money.

But if his business depends on him doing all the fulfillment, there’s no way he’ll ever be able to scale.

There are only so many hours in each day, so the first thing he should do is hire someone to do the actual landscaping, and that will allow him to go out and find new customers.

It’s the same principle when it comes scaling your online business…

As the business owner, you’re the one steering the ship.  It is impossible to run your business and grow your business.


And if you’re doing all the marketing and phone sales, you need to find other people who can step in and do that for you. That’s the ONLY way you’ll ever see exponential growth… This is exactly what this fabulous company does for you.

Take yourself out of the picture so you can work ON your business, not IN your business.

And if you want to scale your business even faster, I have an incredible opportunity for you today…

It’s called The Laptop Lifestyle System,  and as of right now, the system has paid regular people like you over $103 million in commissions.

This company works with regular people (like you and me), gives you a coach who teach you how to find leads.

The company behind this system builds the websites, fulfills the products, and sells your leads into higher priced programs that you continue getting commissions on.

And every time our phone team closes a sale, you make BIG commissions of $1,250, $5,500, even $10,000 per sale… and sometimes more!

All you have to do is bring in the leads – which I do mostly through free social media – and they do the rest.

You’re just one step away from changing your life and your financial future forever.

As Carolina said, “Get off your ass and get to work”  Click down below, you will be glad you did.

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