Best Home Based Business CookBook

My interest at is to give ALL the opportunity to learn how to make money online.

My goal is to offer knowledge and tools to inspire future Entrepreneurs to quit spending hard earned money on “programs” that plainly do not work for anybody except for the sharks that sell them pocketing money for products that rip people off and crush their hopes, desires and dreams of money and freedom.

That is what we are looking for, MONEY and FREEDOM,  I count myself amoung the hopefuls of making money with a home based business.  I have been down the lonely road of spending money and time for nothing!  It is a sad road to travel alone.  I failed so many times but I kept remembering that failure is part of the success story.

“I Have Not FAILED, I’ve Found 10,000 Ways That Won’t Work” – ThomasEdison

I am guilty of quiting.  I gave up and felt like all my dreams and hopes were gone and felt stuck in my life.

Not any more because that little flame was and is still lit even though I tried to deny it and here I am writing blogs again, working on sending traffic to my offers and doing what I want to do.  Working my online business and actually making money online.

As I wrote in my first sentence in this blog.  My interest at is to give ALL the opportunity to learn how to make money online.  I want to give back.  My objective is not to charge for knowledge that is already out there.

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I am going to consider myself a Chef of sorts and give you my reader The Best Home Based Business Cookbook.  The first ingredient to your success is to believe you are successfull.


The 4 Hour Work Week,  Author Tim Ferris

Awaken The Giant Within, Author Tony Robbins

How Successful People think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, Author John C. Maxwell


You don’ have to read all these books to start your online business, but keep in mind ALWAYS be studying and training yourself by reading.  Your mind expands with the new knowledge.  As I, you will come to realize the importance.  On my next post I will give you the next ingredient even though I have given it to you in other posts.  Read them.  Find out.

Any questions, please call me or email me.  If you call, leave a message.  I WILL GET BACK TO YOU.


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